The Linux Action Show Returns!

las227I can contain myself no longer!  This secret is burning a hole in my… secret pocket!

The Linux Action Show, the alpha and omega of Linux podcasts, is back.

This Saturday (February 20th) at 5pm (Pacific Standard Time) we will be recording the first episode of Season 11 of the Linux Action Show and, of course, the whole thing will be streamed live (in full video glory) over at

And, starting with Season 11, the Linux Action Show is going to a weekly schedule.  That’s right.  A brand-spanking-new episode, packed with Linux-y goodness, each and every week!

Will we talk about Windows Phone Series 7 Phone Windows Series Windows Phone 7 Phone?  No.

Will we talk about Apple’s latest round of sticking an “i” in front of a word?  No.

Will we talk about Maemo/Moblin/MeeGo, open source NVidia drivers with 3D acceleration and the latest Linux Distro releases? Oh hells yes.

So, this Saturday, head over to and join in the live chat while we record the return of the best freaking show about Linux to ever grace this fine planet of ours.


Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the live show!  And, for those who missed it, you can watch it here or over at (where you can also snag an audio only version for those who like to listen in the car).

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  • Tommy Brunn

    Sweet! Been waiting for this! Now this begs the question, what will happen to CAS? Will it deal with any computer related news except for stuff concerning Linux, or will you restructure it into something different?

  • NaF

    Thank god (: i’ve followed you guys from the beginning. i feel like i’m growing with you, and LAS was missing quite seriously ):

  • dotstripe

    I have to wonder though, why?

    I recently cancelled my monthly donation because of a different direction. Not what I signed up for, so I am not complaining.

    But really, why?

  • Froilan Irizarry

    Über cool! I must say I missed LAS. Been following you guys since day one but my favorite remains with the Linux awesomeness of LAS.

  • Bryan

    dotstripe: Why is a lion awesome? Why does an astronaut fly around in space being awesome? We do it, because we must!

  • danielbln

    So, is this in addition to CAS or do you revert CAS back to LAS?

  • Eric Beyer

    So does this mean CAS is dead?

  • Mike-Linux

    Hell yeah!

    my favorite show is coming back!

  • Simon Taylor

    Happy LAS is back… Hope CAS goes on. You two live and work non-linux OSes too, and your views and opinions are valuable and interesting! Keep up the good work!

  • Mike-Linux

    The linux action show returns! This was almost overkill when i heard it! to good to be true! AND its coming back on a weekly basis this time! Linux Action Show is so much cooler then the Computer Action Show, because CAS is to generic, and to less linuxy! I waited and hoped for this moment quite a while now, that the Linux Action Show would return someday. Its the best Linux only content show around! #LAS has a large fanbase! the podcast was downloaded a gazzilion times, and a lot where there at the live broadcast. The good thing is, that you can join Chris,Bryan and Jeremy live on the IRC channel of jupiterbroadcasting while they are recording the whole thing LIVE. You can join the chat on the Live page @ [] or you can use your own (linux) IRC client and point it out to this server: IRC server= and channel= #jupiterbroadcasting. Can you imagine all the content?? Android, Maemo/Meego, Linux Distro’s, Drunk dial Aaron Seigo (, drivers, cool linux software, games and so much more (AAAALL this week on the LINUX ACTION SHOW!!!!) Bryan will be releaved to shout out Linux Action Show again! LOL Be sure you’re all there on saturday, because the “first” episode is always the best one!

  • Mike-Linux


  • Admiral_Chef

    Awesome news!
    Can’t wait to digg the new content guys!
    Keep up the great work!

  • TermiT

    Great news!

  • lordmetroid

    YEAH, The Linux Action show is back. I totally did not like “The Computer Actions show”.

  • SlickMcRunFast

    Picture someone dancing with a smile on their face.

  • Yuioup

    Yeah finally! I stopped listening to The Computer Action Show. I get my tech news from different sources so I didn’t feel like it added anything.

    I’m really glad the Linux Action Show is back. You know you guys actually originally inspired me to download Ubuntu and try it back in 2006. The reason you inspired me: Just the sheer enthusiasm you and Chris have for Linux.


  • Travis


  • Johan

    Well, I’m happy about it, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that.. I don’t really use Linux anymore. Maybe now I have to?

  • Landon


  • Shawn J. Goff

    Wahoo! Yipee! Zing bang! Golly gee, I’m so darned excited! Ponies!

    Sorry for that outburst; I hope I didn’t offend with my language. I am thoroughly pleased at the second coming of the LAS.

  • gorkon

    Alpha and Omega of Linux Podcasts?? Huh? You guys are OK, but tllts has been around FAR longer. If anything, they are the alpha and omega.

  • Brian.Merrill

    Really gorkon? Really? You thought ‘ol Bryan Lunduke up there was crowing about being the first Linux podcast EVAR? Dude… seriously… I think you just want to be a cranky pants. A pessimistic, melancholic, depressed, old gray stuffed donkey named Eeyore to contrast the happy go lucky Pooh bear of good news.

  • Richard S Hendershot

    I’m stoked!

    But… it would have been icing if this blog post had a Evolution Event link to create a reminder automatically.. 😉

  • G

    Awesome, was on the verge of cancelling subscription, but now its back and going weekly! hurrah

    As others have stated, why? What happened?

  • Helmsdeeper

    I’m glad my favorite is back yet again, thanks Bryan.
    /me does the happy dance

    Happy birthday also!

  • konman

    going to tell my friends about this … they will freak OUUUUUUUT 😀

  • Chris

    Awesome!!! I was super sad to see it go.

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  • dann

    sweet! I look forward the next episode!

  • Primefalcon

    I couldn’t catch the live broadcast, where can I see the recorded version?

  • Bryan

    Primefalcon: The episode has just been posted. You can find it in this post or over on

  • Primefalcon

    A big thx, I’ve actually been going through and listening too all your old shows as well (new viewer/listener). I’ll watch this one tonight after I get done with some work here.

    You both just brought back a fresh load of annoyance, I just listened to the ep where you talked about Asus and the crappy way they said thx to Linux with netbooks.

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  • The One Electronic

    Just listened to the show. It was soo great to have LAS again on the feed! By the way I think I agree mostly with Chris. Nokia need to be doing something huge and coherent and insanely marketed. Market share won’t last forever as it is, especially when the smartphone are getting the de facto device of the future. They’re the biggest player. Why don’t they just issue a great platform and get it onto all their phones? Again: why do they have to market hundreads of phones all the same and all as if they were in the nineties?

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