Richard Stallman: Bringer Of Doom

Let’s get right to the point:

Richard Stallman is one of the largest problems we have in the Linux (and Open Source) world today.

He is a poor spokesman and he is out of touch with modern (and, even, semi-modern) technology.

I know many of you have already seen this (as it isn’t exactly new), but I present to you this video of Richard Stallman (head of the Free Software Foundation) picking something off his foot at a Q&A session, putting that tasty morsel in his mouth, licking his fingers… and chewing on it.  Then, I kid you not, he goes back for seconds.  (Jump to 1:50 for the good part.)

What’s the point of looking at this video, you ask?

To show that, in a public setting, he comes across like the crazy old prospector who has lived his life in a mine-shaft… and has slowly gone insane.

Remember: This is in a public setting.  Where he is being watched and video taped.  This was not some candid video that some sneaky reporter got of him when he thought nobody was looking.  He knew he was in front of a crowd.  He knew he was being watched in an official capacity.  And this is how he acts.

And then there’s the fact that Stallman seems to have very little use for (or knowledge of) modern technology.

Example:  Stallman does not feel that he needs wireless networking.

“The XO’s usual software load is not 100% free; it has a non-free firmware program to run the wireless chip. That means I cannot fully promote the XO as it stands, but it was easy for me to solve that problem for my own machine: I just deleted that file. That made the internal wireless chip inoperative, but I can do without it.


Example 2:  Stallman does not browse the web.

“For personal reasons, I do not browse the web from my computer.  (I also have not net connection much of the time.)  To look at page I send mail to a demon which runs wget and mails the page back to me. It is very efficient use of my time, but it is slow in real time.”

Seriously?  So… he’s less technically savvy than my mom?

Then there’s the thing with him being super creepy:

“Dutch pedophiles have formed a political party to campaign for legalization.

I am skeptical of the claim that voluntarily pedophilia harms children. The arguments that it causes harm seem to be based on cases which aren’t voluntary, which are then stretched by parents who are horrified by the idea that their little baby is maturing.”

Read that again.  Is that a joke?  I hope so.  But it’s hard to tell.

And, last of all, he seems to take any opportunity to attack Bill Gates that he can.  Even if it is unjustified and makes no sense.

Case in point: He attacks the Gates Foundation.  You know.  The foundation who’s founders were ranked as the second most generous philanthropists in America and the organization that gave $287 million to AID research.

I’m going to be clear about this: I really don’t care what this guy says or thinks… except for when he is acting as a figure-head for the open source and Linux communities.

He portrays an image of pure crazy.  And the mainstream folks out there associate that level of crazy with the rest of the Linux users and developers.

I’m not saying Richard Stallman is a bad man.  I don’t know the guy personally.  For all I know he could be the coolest dude who ever lived.  But, the plain truth is, his public persona is harmful to Linux as a respected platform.

There are people in the Linux community that better present (and represent) what Linux is to the rest of the world.  Many, in fact.  So why-oh-why do we care what Stallman says or does?

Perhaps it’s like watching a car crash.  Some disaster comes in and we can’t help but watch.

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53 Responses to “Richard Stallman: Bringer Of Doom”

  1. @edjca says:

    Amen. Many people think the same thing but don’t want to say it in fear of sounding like they hate Linux. Also, That foot video is disturbing.

  2. internet cliche says:

    Another good post Bryan. I’m not so sure that he is cool in real life. A guy I know had to drive in a car with him for a few hours, it was really hard going.

  3. Jeffro says:

    I don’t really see the big deal with example one. After being given an enterprise-class 24-port switch and seeing how cheap bulk cat-6 cable was, I ran dedicated wires to everything that had little chance of moving in my house. Hell, I even bought the USB ethernet adapter for my Wii (which has built-in b/g wifi). Wifi is kinda handy, but if the computer in question will be stationary, wires are more reliable and offer greater speeds.

    Example 2… so what? And can your mom really set up a script to tell wget to download stuff and then email it to herself? Sure, it’s weird and backwards, but I’d say it’s more “savvy” (nevermind the fact that it seems like he’s being savvy only for the sake of being savvy).

    Nitpicks aside, I do agree. I appreciate a fair amount of what he’s done, but he is not the type of “spokesperson” we want for Linux (sorry, GNU/Linux).

  4. benfrank says:

    OK, now I know you’re an anti-Linux troll for sure. RMS’ toe cheese has contributed more to Free Software than you can even dream of.

  5. Marko says:

    Dude, not browsing the web or using wireless and not knowing how to browse the web or use wireless are two incredibly separate things. This is the guy who in large part gave us emacs, the gcc compiler collection and was the founder of the GNU movement. Does your mom program in c or lisp? Do you? His technical competence is objectively verified as adequate.

    And seriously, open source is supposed to be a meritocracy, where those who are capable and talented get more respect than someone who “looks” respectable. I guess this is what happens when you let the MBAs into the linux playground…

    Addressing that comment about paedophilia. Well, thats an unpopular, but objectively fair, opinion. I don’t know, I don’t have kids, I’m not attracted to kids, and if some adult made the moves on my little nephews or neices I’d kill them, but I do remember what it was like to be a kid, and I distinctly recall not being nearly as innocent or naive as the adults around me assumed I was, so he has a point (judging from the quote you supplied ONLY).

  6. mtz says:

    There is a difference btw “open source” and “free software”. RMS speaks for “free software” and not “open source” ..these two share the same software development and distribution model but their politics/philosophies are different..

    The reason why you might have a problem with what he says could be because you are an “open source” guy and you dont agree with his “free software” principles ..again, these two are different.

    “There are people in the Linux community that better present (and represent) what Linux is to the rest of the world. Many, in fact. So why-oh-why do we care what Stallman says or does?”

    can you mention atleast one of these people? what is linux? can present the “open source” aspect of linux or the “free software” aspect of it …RMS will present the his way and i am sure linus will present the other way(linus is an open source guy) ..

    RMS is primarily interested in spreading the “free software” philosophies while open source people are most about getting linux to as many people as possible …

    saying RMS “is acting as a figure-head for the open source and Linux communities” shows you arent very well informed about what he represents and what he hopes to accomplish

  7. Mohan says:

    LOL…that is just classic.

    I want to share a store with you guys. I was on last week sharing some stories on Linux and I get reply from Stallman stating that I should use GNU/Linux, not once but twice…I was a bit surprised and pissed off ( Yes we all know it’s GNU/Linux, but you know what I really don’t care! I used Linux for past 9 years, started from Mandriva to Fedora then to Ubuntu. More stories I hear about Stallman and FSF, the more I pissed off like recently about how the FSF dissed the Kindle, and now the whole Mono thing, they just need to STFU! Rant done.

  8. sarge says:

    I completely agree with you here Bryan. A couple of the previous posters split hairs and differentiate between the Free Software Movement and Open Source. That’s all well and good for people inside the community however, your average person on the street will not likely either know or care about the difference. Unfortunately, all they’ll see is RMS acting like an aged hippie railing against the man. Life requires compromise and he refuses which is admirable in a way, but impractical for 99.9% of the rest of us. The world has moved on and he chose to stay behind.

  9. projectmorris says:

    Bryan, I subscribe to your thinking. Whilst this guy may well have a brain the size of a planet he is a poor presentation of what Linux is or better still could be. You have to ask the question is this guy self appointed or elected if it’s the latter then doing something about it is just a matter of lobbying or standing for election, if it’s the former you might be in trouble. Linux is at the cusp of being a real contender in the O/S Market. There are so many compelling reasons to use it but currently it suffers from too much infighting and geekdom to be in the mind of the regular punter when he or she enters PCWorld or when some Exec in Dell is selecting the next
    shipping O/S.
    Linux is that troubled teenager struggling to know itself. Desperate for it’s own identity and railing against any good advice.
    Linux needs a good roll model now not some geek who you wouldn’t talk to at a BBQ.

  10. John Hunt says:

    Anyone who’s delved into RMS’es life a little bit will soon learn he is very off the wall, and one should take anything he says with a punch of salt. You can’t diss the guy too much as without him your GNU/Linux OS probably wouldn’t exist.

  11. The Open Sourcerer says:


    Big deal. So he picks his feet. I’ve seen guys do far worse and they were in *suits*. Ever picked your nose? Scratched your balls? Stuck your finger up your a**e?

    What Stallman has done for all of us is barely short of miraculous, but I don’t take him “too” seriously – and neither does he.

    The world needs people with extreme and different views to push and stretch our perceptions of what is OK and what is not. And to make us question. Without them we would not change or progress.

    We don’t have to agree with everything he says for Pete’s sake.

    Do you believe everything you are told by ? I doubt it…

    Oh, and by the way, RMS is certainly not “one of the largest problems we have in the Linux (and Open Source) world today.” That is just plain stupid.

    1. The big ‘problems’ are to do with getting the message about FOSS into the public domain whilst having to compete for airtime with monopolies who have more money than you and I can dream of and can spend it to achieve their ends. Namely to prevent the world understanding FOSS.

    2. RMS is not a fan of Open Source. And you should know better.

    3. In reality, the only people who actually listen to him are already somewhat, or very, familiar with FOSS already.

  12. Vonn says:

    People can we stop saying the is a problem with Linux and make the distinction that there is a problem with GNU instead.

    The is nothing wrong with Linux, the problems are with the GNU software that runs on top of Linux. This is why Google decided to ditch GNU and build there own software on top of the Linux kernel.

    Oh, and that video is disgusting lol.

  13. KimTjik says:

    I feel no bonds to RMS. I feel gratitude for the work he has done even though I’m not agreeing with him on a lot of things.

    If the FSF – even though it seems like you’re confused about its stand and work – needs another spokesman doesn’t affect Linux much. It’s just like Linus taking advantage of the GPL without being dependent on RMS.

    Even if it would be a wise decision to replace RMS I don’t understand how such a decision might be based on this articles mish-mash of twisted information. The last juicy arguments are ridiculously out of context and end up resembling a yellowpress creation.

    Still you might be right, however not on stated premisses. Write something useful and investigate RMS’ role further to reveal real reasons of concern. Come up with some suggestions about possibly better spokesmen. Remember though that we’re only talking about FSF here, nothing else.

  14. Leslie I'Anson says:

    Well done Bryan.

    Not everyone would make quite this much effort to completely miss the point.

    It’s a real credit to you.

  15. Richard Querin says:

    I don’t think RMS speaks for Linux and surely not for open source. But his contributions to Free Software are indisputable. I know nothing else about the man except for what I read. Do I care? Not really. Freedom is a messy thing. In my view he’s allowed to say and do what he wants (as are you) as long as he doesn’t hurt anyone. I would suspect the free software (and commercial software) worlds are chock full of assholes, creeps and weirdos. Whether I pay attention to them is my choice.

    I’m fairly sure that RMS gets invited to speak at conferences (ie. he doesn’t need to invite himself). That is the organizers choice. If he’s creepy enough and weird enough that will likely stop. End of story. There’s no voting him out or replacing him with somebody else. That will happen naturally. Again, freedom is messy. But it’s the price you pay I guess.

    Just to stir the pot, I personally think that the Penguin mascot has likely done more to dissuade the mainstream adoption of Linux than RMS ever has. Not that I hate Tux mind you, but I still think that statement is true.

  16. lefty.crupps says:

    RMS has done more for the Free Software community — including STARTING the movement — than likely you or any of us can ever hope to do.

    Your examples are completely misleading. RMS doesn’t say that he doesn’t use wireless; he said that unless the software is free, he doesn’t use it. Wireless, spreadsheets, compilers, it doesn’t matter, the man has principles and will only use Free Software. These principles gave us the GPL (all versions), which gave us the Linux kernel, KDE, GNOME, and pretty much all the software that I use (and presumably you, if this is a Linux blog).

    If your mom is able to wget-and-email a website to herself using a script, I’d like to visit her blog as it sounds interesting. But if she browses in a web browser and you find this makes her more technically adept than RMS, I think you are mistaken.

    There is currently a huge backlash against RMS because he has come out against Mono (“Microsoft, Oh No” — the ‘open source’ version of .NET technology). People suddenly see RMS as old news, out of touch with today’s needs, yada yada, lets push him and his inconvenient ideals aside for this new programming language. Honestly, we want to give up all that we’ve fought for and earned so that we can use a technology (Mono/.NET) which may or may not endanger our movement? Why take the chance with Mono? RMS clearly sees where MS is trying to lead the FLOSS community, as others have in the past, and RMS isn’t buying it. It was exactly this pragmatism that gave us Free Software, and compromising one’s principles and standards for ‘open source’ may be some people’s thing, but it isn’t RMS’ thing.

    Free Software, may it last forever. Because the other models cannot.

  17. Bullshit says:

    GCC is what it is now thanks to Cygnus. The actual GCC is very different from the GCC developed by Stallman AND Tower -by the way, the original GCC is just a modification of a Pastel compiler-.

    Emacs is highly based on TECO. Furthermore, it was developed by Stallman AND Steele. He didn’t do all the work.


    So let’s stop all this “thanks to Stallman you have GCC and Emacs”. That’s just bullshit.

  18. Mr O says:

    Nitpick: KDE did not start out as “free” software, since QT was proprietary (I remember the silly debates).

    As for RMS. Seems to me the guy is resting on his laurels if all people can credit him with is emacs and gcc so far as software goes. I have to wonder: what has he done lately? – other than continue to demonstrate that he’s batshit insane.

    I have no stake in this debate. I’m just a semi-interested observer. And what I observe is that the community isn’t doing itself any favors by giving this loon the spotlight.

  19. kunst says:

    In abstract thinking RMS is probably smarter than 99 percent of the rest of the people, but in everyday matters and human relations about 99 percent of people are probably smarter than RMS. RMS is to geeks what geeks are to normal people.

    He’s the original weirdo who first got the crazy idea of writing an operating system and then giving the source code away, so that others could modify it and do whatever they want with it. People said he couldn’t do it, they said it wouldn’t work. But, because he’s so damn stubborn and weird, RMS wouldn’t listen. So he was crazy enough to put the ball rolling, and then others built on what RMS established, and now we have Linux and Open Source.

    I don’t agree with most of what RMS says, but I do find him an interesting and eccentric uber-geek figure. Certainly the FLOSS world would be much poorer and less interesting without such strong and controversial personalities as RMS.

  20. Daniel F says:

    You’ve been trolling a lot lately. How come? I don’t find your posts very constructive.

    What you’ve said about RMS is largely true in that he is very eccentric. But you could have said that without example and gotten to your point. This just looks like having fun at someone else’s expense.

    To your actual points, I agree to the point that RMS is very eccentric and that he may be out of touch. *May be*. There is a difference between making do without wifi and being unaware of its appeal.

    And yes, he’s got horrible PR issues. But I think your trolls are making you guilty of the same PR problems. I think it’s costing you respect because even for those who agree, your tone and subject matter makes it look like you’re just attempting to grab attention.

    Personally I would have preferred a post discussing the points that RMS makes regarding software. But if you’ve got to show that he makes a terrible front man, at least suggest a better one.

  21. Gabopagan says:

    Great! Stallman has been coasting on stuff he did almost 30 years ago. Our community has much better faces than this blowhard

  22. illumin8 says:

    The guy is more than quirky, rather unkempt…even gross sometimes….and some of his opinions make me laugh.
    Your trying to crucify the reason this thing started because you dont like his personality?
    Some of us value things other than whether he looks good on camera or not. Its amazing to me that so many people equate looking good on camera to actually having substance. Just because a person makes a choice not to use wireless networking, or chooses personal technology patterns different than yours makes him technically unsavvy? The guy could write code around you in his sleep.
    You are betraying your own shallowness.

  23. danielbln says:

    I agree with Daniel F here, please get the boat back to constructive criticism. Trying to be “edgy” doesn’t justify trolling and trolling you are.
    Yes, RMS is a freak, but he did do a lot for where we stand as a community today, mostly through intellectual means.
    Stop thinking of Linux as a company which only can go one way. Let people do stupid things (even if it’s wasting time on coding around Mono). In the long run, it’ll benefit everyone by weeding out uselessness while preserving innovation.

    Please, no more pseudo-edgy ranting which, granted, generates attention, but leads us NOWHERE.

    You’re better than that. Show it.

  24. Kayee says:

    I’m new too all this Open Source, FOSS, Linux, GNU thing, and have a hard time separating them, but don’t you think you should do SOME research before you publish something like this. Even I know that RMS has nothing to do with Linux and Open Source. GNU / Free Software is his thing.
    He’s not a technical person because he disabled his non-free wireless and don’t surf the web? You never thought of WHY he did those things? You may be more technical then RMS, but I think you’re way off target. I think RMS is more about philosophy then technology
    PS. I DO think RMS is strange, but that’s not the issue.

  25. Igor says:

    RMS is not main target here. Attack on RMS is actually “hidden” attack on FSF, SFLC, and finally – GNU/GPL. You can be sure there’s more to come. Answer is simple – boycott Mono ;)

  26. Matt Martin says:

    I agree with you Bryan! I stopped listening to RMS speeches years ago because I got tired of his childish tantrums. Someone asks a perfectly legitimate question, that he doesn’t like and he goes into this little rant “I don’t understand your question, your question makes no sense to me, I DON’T UNDERSTAND YOUR QUESTION, YOUR QUESTION MAKES NO SENSE TO ME, whaaa! He damn well does understand the question, and he could give an answer, but he would rather be a dick about it.

  27. James B says:

    It is a shame you decided to knock someone for behaving the way you dislike. RMS has probably offended quite a few people. Haven’t you in your life? Whether you “like” the guy or not, wouldn’t it be better to acknowledge the good things he has done and encourage others to help? There is enough personal character bashing around.
    As my dad used to say, “If you haven’t got anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all”.
    “Scowl at the world, and the world scowls back, smile at the world, and the world smiles with you”.

  28. BrianM says:

    Yup, wish I could add something useful other than just “I agree”. If there was a way to vote Stallman off the Linux/Open Source island, I’d be up at the crack of dawn with voter registration card eagerly in hand. This is a major problem with Linux. It needs it’s users, developers and evangelists to act more professional. Otherwise Linux and it’s open source brethren projects will forever remain a hobbyist’s niche toy and we will forever be milking the misunderstood underdog card. If you’re an open source developer, user or evangelist, I don’t care if you do this in your stupid free time. Act like a professional or don’t bother. You’re doing more harm than good when you rip out Mono source code or pen your indignant petition to NVidia and troll on their forums about open sourcing their drivers. Please. Just stop. Mr. Richard Stallman, you are hereby banned to a deep dark cave with your foot fungus and an abacus. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your vacation.

  29. Ari Torhamo says:

    I think one reason for RMS being widely respected outside GNU circles is that people consider him to be profoundly honesty and unaffected, of which the latter may be a trait even more rare than the first. Normally, when someone doesn’t dress properly, scratches himself publicly, etc., we tend to think – at least unconsciously – that he want’s to show us disrespect. In RMS’ case, people usually seem to intuitively understand that this is not the case. For many it’s actually refreshing to be able to listen to someone without being fooled by fancy appearance and smooth talk. I would think that many in the business circles appreciate his honesty too, because honesty brings, in addition to other good things, more predictability to future actions.

  30. » Richard Stallman wants more laws limiting software says:

    […] had no intention of writing another post on Richard Stallman after this one a few days […]

  31. p0 says:

    I think I know, why Stallman doesn’t browse Web;)

  32. timmywear says:

    “There are people in the Linux community that better present (and represent) what Linux is to the rest of the world.”

    Yes there are, but you’re not one of those people either.

  33. steve says:

    Your name is Brina Lundike and you have a stupid opinion. As a few others have said, your grandma writes scripts? FFS you are a worse spokesperson for GNU/Linux etc than Stallman will ever be.

  34. whakatanerocks says:

    What a stupid article. It takes someone a bit ‘different’ to push the boundaries. All this article proves is the authors lack of understanding, lack of vision and lack of ability to follow through a logical thought process. At no point does this article even flirt with reality at all, and it’s just disappointing to see such a ridiculous hypothesis see the light of day. Get a grip Lunduke, RMS has done so much to further the whole FOSS cause, and you’re sitting here having a whinge because he picks his feet. Oh but he’s “eccentric”… Seems you are are too dumb to understand that RMS is looking further into the future than next week. RMS doesn’t browse the web, he has a script in his email client that wgets a page he wants and mails it to him, yet somehow, mr Lunduke thinks Stallman is backwards and less tech savvy than his mum. I bet your mum uses scripting to browse the net doesn’t she, she’d understand how to do all that wouldn’t she? No, didn’t think so. Another testament to the moronic nature of the author. Well done, keep it up sunshine.

  35. Karl Johansson says:

    Mohahaha…. Sure RMS have done some great things for the Linux, sorry GNU/Linux. To everyone thats going on and on about he starting it all… so what? Even good apples goes bad with time ;)

    Ok, not everyone has done so much as him, but give some of us time and we will have done more than RMS ever will do.

    By the way… Bill Gates is not evil. Hitler was evil, Stalin was evil.

  36. KNau says:

    Because writing a script to e-mail yourself webpages IS backwards and less tech savvy. BY DEFINITION it is a bloated, outdated and backwards solution to the “web browsing” method.

    Please tell me you RMS defenders don’t write code for a living! If so, do what your hero does and remain a sheltered, bloated intellectual because you won’t survive competition in the real world.

    And therein lies some truth. His contributions have been astounding and worthy of shrieking from the mountain top IF you’re a sheltered intellectual hiding in the depths of a university campus. Those of us who make our living in the real world…don’t care much about the guy one way or the other. His name doesn’t come up at the board meetings.

    At some point GNU / Linux is going to have to come out into the blinding sunlight and have at least a few backers who A) bathe and B) don’t eat their shoes.

  37. timmywear says:

    Bryan, when will you stop annoying people with your pointless articles? It was fun from your “linux sucks” video, but the fun stopped there. Since then you have become a pimple on the back of people’s necks. You are just as bad as the guy from the linux hater’s blog. Now that I think about it, I like him better. It’s OK if you think I’m some kind of tr011 or whatever you want to call me, but please do US a favor, post something worth reading and paying attention to.
    You really like Linux? Go file some bugs, develop some useful applications just USE linux. Ubuntu? great!!! Whatever you want just stop bitching. This is the last comment I’m gonna write because every time I visit this site I waste my time. Please, please just stop complaining, write something productive instead of these childish posts using the word “sux” every 5 minutes.

  38. rkirk says:

    I’m surprised it hasn’t been mentioned in the comments, but Stallman is such a typical case of Asperger syndrome that anyone with even the slightest social tact would politely ignore his odd behaviour.

    And Stallman being an extremely high-functioning autistic with hyper-developed fears and opinions about web-browsing doesn’t invalidate his opinions or philosophical beliefs, but it does give us some explanation for his odd behaviour.

  39. whakatanerocks says:

    Good point rkirk. I don’t think he’s the be all and end all, but he’s done huge things for FOSS and GNU/Linux. KNau what real world is this? The one where you don’t use computers? Somehow only computer hackers that huddle at university campus’s are the only ones who need computers with good code written for them? It’s Luddite’s like you that post stupid topics like this in a hope that someone will actually care what you are saying, agree with you and thereby justify your pointless existence. People like RMS are different, they don’t have fantastic social skills, but that’s precisely why he is so good. Often people who are good with computers have little social skills, and it’s nice to see someone that doesn’t kowtow to the moronic nature of mass media succeeding in what he does. So why don’t you just stop being a hater and enjoy what he’s done without having to make personal attacks. To think that Linux is aiming for world domination and hence we need good “representatives” is to miss the point of Linux. If you don’t like it, don’t use it, we don’t care. It doesn’t have to be good enough to be on your computer, as long as it’s good enough to stay on mine.

  40. DrGNU says:

    We all know eating toe jam is gross … but why are we more forgiving of something even more disgusting… people willing to sacrifice the concepts and ideologies of freedom that started the GNU and Free Software movement! Some say things have changed… time to move-on… or that these issues are not important or relevant anymore. Yet they will grumble when their phone spies on them and they can’t disable that feature (or they are permissive in illegally hacking the code but ignore the importance of it being illegal and even encouraged to do so in the first place). Meanwhile they chew heartily on their own metaphorical toe jam publically focusing instead on the open source development model lobbying for the opinions and popularity of pragmatism that it is “ok” to limit end users ability to modify and share the code that is open – so long as the code works. You know the problem with most “nerds” is that they all idolize Bill Gates and are merely jealous of his monopoly on the world that they secretly masturbate to aspiring to with their own genious and code writing abilities.

    Each time I have heard or read one of Bryan’s rails against such concepts as Freedom the Free Software Foundation, the GNU and Richard Stallman in particular (as well as the “free-tards” as he refers to us who support freedom and sharing information and abilities with our neighbors) – and never is he polite – he gets into a passionate rant… Well my passion is for freedom, Bryan is a poor spokes person for restrictions. I have almost lost all hope and respect for all of Bryan’s work and intelligence!

    I can only hope for change… but that and $300 can get anyone a decent computer that thanks to the GNU and their GNU/Linux operating system (e.g., gNewSense) packed full of GNU Public Licensed FREE/LIBRE Software (open source by definition) which I think speaks louder than the toe nail I just chewed on while writing this.

    -DrGNU (Free Software Member #6887 – because I put my money where my mouth is).

  41. .net jerkface says:

    Well my passion is for freedom

    Your passion is for freedom as defined in legal terms by Richard Stallman, which amounts to a software license that requires dervative work to be kept under the same license.

    I could just as easily define True Freedom as being unbeholden to any license. Maybe you and Stallman are actually the Freedom-haters.

    But keep following around a hippie who doesn’t have to work for a living. That seems like a good idea.

  42. Gabe da Silveira says:

    I don’t agree with a lot of Stallman’s ideas, but I have tremendous respect for him, and so should all programmers. Stallman’s slippery-slope principle of proprietary software is something we all need to be aware of. If a private corporation gains firm control over the software world with laws to back them up, we may well end up in a world where freedom in software no longer exists. We can all laugh that off at the moment, thanks in no small part to RMS’ work, but its important to be vigilant, because individuals like us do not have the resources to start manufacturing our own hardware, if, say, Intel all of sudden decide to only build CPUs that will run Windows.

    There is no shortage of people to talk about the value of proprietary software. There are tens of thousands of slick executives ready to sell you a vision of the future dominated by all-powerful proprietary software. But you have to realize that every one of those people is driven by money, pure and simple. They will kill innovation and sell out the rest of the future of humanity in a second if it means they can get more money right now. That’s not evil, it’s just the nature of corporations. RMS is one of the few that has principles that go directly to the long-term public good. If the majority of people were like RMS then I might consider it an unhealthy attitude, but as it stands, he’s one of the very very few who is willing to stand up for an important idea. I’ll be the first to admit that I am too concerned about convenience and my own financial well-being to even consider a position like his, but so are most people, which is exactly why RMS should be lauded.

    It’s fine to make fun of RMS and to disagree with him, but if you look at the big picture he’s making all of our complacency possible. This article should be retracted.

  43. » Seriously, Richard Stallman? Seriously? says:

    […] not exactly a secret.  I’m not the biggest fan of Richard Stallman in the […]

  44. Katie says:

    That is disgusting!!! He is gross!!

  45. brian says:

    Your mom can use a daemon to request a web page using wget and email it back to her? Wow, I’m impressed.

  46. IRWolfie- says:

    Just to provide a little balance, here is a video of Stallman lecturing.
    He doesn’t appear crazy or “off the wall” here:

    (I know this thread is old but just for any googlers like me that stumble by)

  47. Joseph says:

    “Honestly, we want to give up all that we’ve fought for and earned so that we can use a technology (Mono/.NET) which may or may not endanger our movement?”

    Ok, let’s get one thing straight. Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. fought for and earned things and had a movement. You haven’t fought for or earned anything, and you sure as heck don’t have a movement. It’s source code, not the Underground Railroad, and Richard Stallman isn’t Nelson Mandela.

  48. Stallman, just stop | says:

    […] Richard Stallman represents everything that’s wrong with IT’s image in the larger business world. The things he says are often insightful and informative, but his legendary lack of anything resembling people skills makes me want to plug my ears and denounce him as a crazy old nerd–and I’m not the only one. […]

  49. M7 says:

    This is complete rubbish. Lots of ad hominem attacks here that have *nothing* to do with what Stallman even represents.

    Typical childish “Oh look at how he eats”, “Oh look at how Stallman doesn’t need the same stuff everybody else needs”, “Oh look at how Stallman is creepy by not agreeing with my views on pedophilia” and all.

    The only thing that seems agreeable is his attacks on the Gates foundation, but even I’m not sure whether or not it is justified.

    You want to do something for your beloved Linux community, just focus on the issues instead of writing a rubbish article full of unsubstantiated personal attacks and attempting to relate it to your (non)case like a typical religious idiot.

  50. John Hinsdale says:

    Stallman is a great guy and without his focus on the freedom aspect of things we’d all still be running Windows. Who are you to dictate what he can or cannot do either in public or private? If you don’t like it, don’t watch/listen. Of course you are free to bad-mouth RMS but prepare to be ignored by many. Put up with a bit of toe picking/eating vs. run Windows as my only option? No choice at all …

  51. Was Sup says:

    you are a total douche, lunduke
    i am glad you are not in the LAS now

  52. Stf says:

    I totally agree with you there.

    How about “Mister Ubuntu himself” as a better role model for you guys?

  53. Bren says:

    Oh shut up. After the show you are just being all defensive and covering your ignorance. He chose to live this life. He does not have to use modern technology because technology advances in a way that contradict his philosophy of society and life.

    In order to justify yourself you keep trying to make him look like a pedophile. Anyone can say anything about anyway he wants ( unless that does not harm and limit other people’s freedom ). Even the creepiest thoughts. So, shut up and take it. You are totally ignorant and talking too much. Even on the things you do not really know or understand. Get a life and ideal.

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