Linux Fest NorthWest is coming!

totem350Linux Fest NorthWest is happening April 25th and 26th (Saturday and Sunday) in Bellingham, WA.

This is one cool event.  If you are a Linux nerd (or, hell, any kind of nerd at all), and you can find your way to Bellingham, I highly recommend it.

To get a feel for some of what you can find, you can catch a video tour we did for last years Linx Fest NW.

Some very cool people will be there this year, including Jon “Maddog” Hall.  As well as representatives from the One Laptop Per Child project, Novell, Fedora and more.

And, the best part?  It’s free.  Free parking.  Free exhibits.  Free sessions.

I’ll definitely be there.  If you’ll be making it, drop me a line!  There’s a few great breweries in the area that make killer burgers.  A Linux Action Show Beer+Burger meetup may just be in order!

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