Fedora update breaks… Fedora

Holy moly.  This is a bad one.

An update available for Fedora 9 and 10… breaks… a lot.

From Richard Hughes blog:

Please don’t yet update DBus for CVE-2008-4311. It’s known to break PackageKit, cups, ConsoleKit, DeviceKit, DeviceKit-power, gdm, and system-config-services.”

Yep.  You read that right.  This minor update to DBus will, in effect, break some of the most vital pieces of your Fedora Linux desktop.  Including Printing, GDM (aka “being able to log in”) and even your ability to do further automatic updates.

That’s right. This update breaks the ability to do further updates.

If you haven’t updated your Fedora install in the last few days… wait.  At least until we get the official word that is particular update has been fixed or pulled from the repository.  The fact that it is still sitting there after a few days is insane.

Thanks to JohnR from the Jupiter Broadcasting Forum for bringing this to my attention.

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  • Tom

    That is Red Hat Alpha for you 😛

  • neo

    You can still just use yum to update Fedora

    You can’t just pull an update. Fedora has hundreds and hundreds of very distributed mirrors.

  • Johan

    Damn, well now I atleast know why shit broke. Ah well, they’re working on it I’m sure. I updated my Fedora install yesterday, but I removed packagekit and now have less issues at least. Thanks for the heads up!

  • JFrench

    Lame, I just finished downloading the Fedora 10 iso to try it out. I will wait until this goes away before I update it.

  • Johan

    @Tom, Fedora is testing grounds for Red Hat Enterprise. That has always been the case, and their focus isn’t on competing with Ubuntu from what I’ve seen/read/heard. Nothing to be smug about :)

  • Matthew

    I first read this and thought, yeah, that’s not good. Then today I realized my own Fedora desktop had the update manager and application manager was effected. *cry*

    @Johan: The Fedora team (and Red Hat public statements) will go back and forth on the meaning of Fedora, seeming to use whatever fits best at the moment. Sometimes, Fedora is a production-ready desktop operating system for the masses with the latest the cutting-edge software, and then sometimes, like today, Fedora is a testing ground for the Red Hat distro that should only be used by experts.

    More realistically, the Fedora Project is a large number of people with their own goals and their own agendas. Fedora is an important, brilliant project no matter how you slice it, but it is a community effort with many different personalities in that community.

    @Bryan: I see your frustration about Fedora so often. I know you want an “awesome” Linux operating system that works well. For that, in my opinion, you need to purchase a supported desktop solution, even though you are already a Linux expert. In purchasing a Linux solution, like your Eee PC for example, the vendor is taking responsibility for assuring your quality desktop experience. They are the middle men between the distro – that is pushing out the great features – and the hardware that needs stable code. They sell you on the features, but they need to keep your computer stable to keep you as a customer.

    I know this sounds like what Apple is doing with their Mac UNIX, but the difference is the GPL hardware drivers in the Linux kernel.

  • Matthew
  • Matthew

    Can also try:
    “yum –skip-broken update”

  • Jeffro

    Wow. And I thought openSUSE screwed up when an update to NetworkManager changed all the permissions so that users couldn’t use the service (had to invoke the applet from a terminal as root to get it to function). Yep, Fedora topped that one.

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  • Matthew

    Thought I would revisit this subject again. Today I saw a lot of information coming from Fedora’s FUDcon, about ramping up their Ambassador program. The Ambassador program is getting resources to users who can promote Fedora as a desktop solution at computer conferences. Again, someone is back pushing Fedora as a general use desktop for moms and pops. I couldn’t help but think of this discussion and this terrible bug again.