20 node, retro gaming BBS is alive!

Ever have the urge to play some of the best BBS games of the 1980’s and 1990’s?

Games like Trade Wars 2002, Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD), Barren Realms Elite, The Pit, and others defined multiplayer gaming (via dial-up modem) for over a decade.

Now they’re online (accessible via telnet) and free to play for everyone.

Here’s how to access the BBS:

  1. Grab a telnet client (I recommend SyncTERM or Qodem).
  2. Connect via telnet (on port 23) to bbs.lunduke.com.

When creating a new account you’ll be asked for your address and phone number.  Clearly I don’t need (or want) that information.  But I left it in there as this is typically how it was in “ye olden times” (gotta keep the user experience the same).

Just fill those fields in with junk information (though it might be worth while to add your email address in the address section just in case you lose your password and need to verify your identity).

The House of Lunduke BBS is a sort of homage to the classics of BBS gaming.  A little mini, playable museum for the multiplayer BBS games that were a big part of our lives in the 80s/90s.

The BBS is run on a dedicated server and is capable of supporting up to 20 people playing at the same time (20 “nodes” — what would have taken 20 dedicated modems connected to 20 phone lines, back in the day).