“Linux Sucks” – 1 Million Times.

Every year, at the end of April at LinuxFest Northewest, I give a ridiculous little presentation that I call “Linux Sucks”.  [I then toss the recordings up on YouTube and hide under my blanket from the angry mob.]

Linux Sucks(1)Well, something crazy just happened.

The “Linux Sucks” videos have, combined, now been watched a total of over 1 Million times.

A million.  A freaking million.

To celebrate this big, round number… I have finally gotten off my lazy butt and placed the slides decks up on GitHub.  They’re under the Creative Commons, so feel free to do pretty much whatever you like with them.

If you’re new to “Linux Sucks”, start with the 2014 video.

Here’s the complete collection, for those of you determined to watch ~8 hours of me with radically changing hair styles:

Linux Sucks 2009

Linux Sucks 2010

Linux Sucks 2011

Linux Sucks 2012 / Doesn’t Suck 2012

Linux Sucks 2013 / Doesn’t Suck 2013

Linux Sucks 2014 (and with Spanish subtitles)

[Seriously though.  The early ones were pretty rough.  Start with 2014.]

This seems like a pretty good moment to reminisce on some of my favorite moments of “Linux Sucks” from the last half decade.  Because, you know, a million.

  • The very first one of these I did, back in 2009… the vga out on my laptop (Linux powered, naturally) didn’t work.  I didn’t realize this until I plugged it in to the projector.  Woops!  Rather amusing start to a presentation on ways Linux sucks.  Luckily a dude was there to help get it working while I talked to folks (a dude that later went on to be a good bud and semi-sorta-co-worker).
  • In 2012 I added the “Linux Does Not Suck” portion of the presentation.  Using the almost exact same slides as the “Sucks” portion.  This amused me a great deal.  So I still do it.
  • A little ways into the 2012 video we had to make some of the audience leave.  We were over fire capacity and didn’t want to risk the wrath of the fire marshal.
  • The 2009 through 2012 videos are all up on the Jupiter Broadcasting YouTube channel.  The 2012 video being the most viewed… anything… that Jupiter Broadcasting has ever distributed.   By a crazily huge margin.  Despite the fact that it was filmed with a hand-held shaky cam.
  • It took until 2014 to film this thing with half-way decent audio and video.  Why?  I have no clue.  Probably because I’m lazy or something.
  • Sometimes I have shaggy hair and a mustache (and look like I should be in a 1970′s adult film).  Sometimes I have no facial hair and a shaved head.  Sometimes (not often) I look like a normal person.
  • I really enjoy doing these (especially the last few years).  There seems to be a good mix of regulars that come every year (a few since the very beginning) and new folks that have no clue what it’s really about.  And that’s just plain awesome.

You better believe there will be a 2015 edition.

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House of Lunduke BBS – Game Reset

It is done!  Trade Wars 2002 and Barren Realms Elite have been reset!  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to hop in there before all of the better players get too far ahead of me.

HOLCurrentThe House of Lunduke BBS is getting busier and busier by the day.

And, because of that, it look like it’s time for a game reset — to help give the newer players an even chance against those that got in at the very beginning of the BBS coming back to life.

Specifically for Trade Wars and Barren Realms Elite.  They are both getting reset on Friday afternoon (that’s tomorrow, June 27th).

[LORD, The Pit and all the rest of the games will remain untouched.  They are all much easier for new users to jump into, so we'll leave those running just as they are without a reset.]

So if you want to get in on the ground floor of either game… this will be your best chance.

For those new to the House of Lunduke (or BBSing in general) here’s some links to get started:

Oh, and in case you were curious:

The current game of Trade Wars 2002 was absolutely dominated by these guys:


They blew up my planet… a fate that I shared with damn near every other player in the game.  Well done Corp #1.

… you jerks.

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The Linux (Social Media) Circle of Awesome

Over the last few years I’ve been getting a rather huge amount of my Linux-related news (and opinions) from a subset of Linux users/developers on various social networks.  I find it astoundingly helpful when writing articles.

LinuxTycoon128And, because I love you guys, I’m putting all of that information here to help any of you that would like to take advantage of it.

I primarily focus on G+ and Twitter for getting my Linux-related info.  Those two social networks just seem to have the biggest wealth of Linux users posting Linux-y content.

Google Plus

I find G+ to be the best place to get Linux-y news.  That really seems to have become the defacto social network of Open Source dudes and dudettes.

To make this easier, I have created what I call “The Linux Circle of Awesome“.  Some of the names on that list you will probably recognize (Linus Torvalds, Maddog, Greg KH, Seigo and a bunch of other folks worth hearing from).  Also me.  I am in there too.  Not that I’m worth hearing from… but I made the list.  So I stuck myself on there.

Instead of listing everyone here in a big, annoying bullet list — where you need to click every single name — just use the “Circle of Awesome“.  So much easier to follow everyone in one spot.


Same thing goes for Twitter.  Except, instead of a “Circle”, there is a “List”.  I call it “The Linux List of Awesome“.

Just pop open that link and click “Subscribe”.  Or simply follow everyone you’re interested on that list.  I recommend subscribing to it so you automatically get any updates as I add more awesome Linux folks as time goes on.

If you want any of my stuff, you’ll need to follow me directly.  I’m not part of my own Linux list.

If you think I’ve missed anyone critical be sure to let me know in the comments and I’ll update these lists/circles as needed.

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LinuxFest NorthWest recap & Linux Sucks

Just a quick re-cap of LinuxFest NorthWest (which has been over for a good week and a half now).  I won’t write much about it here — I’ll just point you to an article I did on the topic over at Network World.

If you’re looking for my yearly “Linux Sucks” video (which is recorded at LinuxFest NW), you can find it right here:

And, if you’re mad at me after that, you can watch me get blasted in the face with a Tesla Coil to make yourself feel better:

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Lies, Damn Lies and Operating Systems.

After this years “Linux Sucks” video went live a number of, rather odd, rumors were started about what Operating Systems I run.

I’d like to take just a moment to correct some profoundly misinformed individuals.  I’m not going to link to the source because I simply do not want to reward them for coming up with this blather.  The first rumor:

“He said in the presentation ‘Im running Linux’ while pointing to a Windows 8 tablet.”

Amusing side-note: The very first year that I did my “Linux Sucks” presentation (2008?)… the laptop I was using was running Ubuntu.  And, when we plugged the projector into the VGA port on the laptop, it wouldn’t work.  Took 15 minutes and help from two Linux devs in the room to make the projector and the Linux-powered laptop play nicely.

Luckily, considering the topic at hand, this was an amusing way to start out.

This year the Linux Sucks presentation was run on a Lenovo S10-3T convertible netbook running openSUSE 13.1 with GNOME Shell as the desktop environment.

Worth noting that it worked perfectly.  Not a single hiccup.

Next rumor:

i dont know what he uses at this exact time, because I never saw him use his phone at LFNW [Linux Fest NorthWest] this year, but Chris has mentioned that all throughout when Bryan was on LAS… he used an Iphone.”

I actually don’t have a phone right now.  My S3 died a little while back and I decided to use my Nexus 7 tablet tethered to a portable hotspot for my “phone” needs.  Currently using a combination of Google Voice for my text messaging /primary number and Skype for the actual calls.

Works pretty well.

And as for the whole “I used an iPhone all throughout my LAS days” thing… not quite.

I had an iPhone for a spell.  Was never truly satisfied with it and it died, I kid you not, when it was accidentally dropped into a cup of Tang.  The iPhone freaked out and started displaying messages that “this accessory is not supported”.  Then the battery started expanding, cracked open the iPhone shell, and it died a rather impressive death.

Apparently iPhone’s aren’t compatible with Tang.  Who knew?

I’m pretty confident that particular story was even told during an episode of the Linux Action Show.  Or during a speech somewhere.  I know I relayed that anecdote to some audience… because it amused me.

The majority of my LAS days I ran a few different phones.  My favorite (and longest lasting) was the N900.  But I also ran some Ericsson T-SomethingOrOther dumb candy bar phone.  Also in the early days I had a Sidekick (which was actually pretty neat), a Tilt (which is a Windows Mobile phone) and… seems like I’m missing one…

Now I’m pretty doggone sure that my old co-Host, Chris, would not have started this rumor.  He was always a big Mac guy and usually had an iPhone (I think he owned every single iteration up through the 3GS and 4) and did all of his primary computing on a Mac (with some occasional Windows usage).  So the guy that made that statement must have made up his source as well.

One, final rumor:

in talking to others that have worked with him in the past and present, he uses windows as his daily – even when he was on LAS”


Back during my Linux Action Show days I was always a “predominantly Linux” guy.  Because I was working on cross platform software I also had one Mac and one Windows box.  I needed them for testing and builds.  And, not gonna lie, for the occasional game on Windows.

Nowadays I don’t have a Mac.  But I do have one Windows-powered machine: A Lenovo Miix 2 8″ tablet (which I have talked about rather quite a lot).  It’s an awesome piece of hardware that is absolutely hobbled by the fact that it only really runs Windows 8.1 at the moment.  I’ve been installing builds of a custom version of Fedora (called, adorably, Fedlet) every week or so.  But, right now, the WiFi doesn’t work.  Once that (and a few other problems) are resolved you better believe that Miix 2 is going to become a full time Fedora tablet.  (No other Linux distro is even close to running on that hardware right now.)

My primary work machines are: A Nexus 7 (seriously… I do a lot of writing on that thing with a Logitech keyboard) and a Sony laptop running openSUSE 13.1.  The Sony is the most powerful of my rigs… but it doesn’t get used for much except some audio and video work (all in Linux).  Oh and I have virtual machines loaded up with Haiku and FreeDOS that get a lot of usage too.


These (weird and pointless) rumors started from members of the Jupiter Broadcasting team.  People who, really, should know better.  Jupiter Broadcasting was, from the moment I handed over editing duties to my former co-host, run almost entirely on MacOS X.

In fact this last weekend, at Linux Fest NorthWest, the Jupiter Broadcasting crew were using software called Wirecast (either on Windows or MacOS X… as that’s where that software runs) to record and stream everything that they were doing.

And, you know what?  That’s okay.  That’s just an example of people using the tools that are best suited for the task at hand (or, perhaps more accurately, simply the tools that they’re most familiar with for accomplishing that task).  Does the fact that the Linux Action Show was recording, at a Linux festival, on a Mac (most likely) hurt the show they produced?  I don’t think so.

In other words: No biggy.

Hopefully that settles that.  Oh, and in the future… feel free to ask me about the software and hardware I’m using.  I love talking about it.

Or, if you’re going to make stuff up about me… at least make it something cool.  Tell people I only run RiscOS or something.  Oooh.  Or an Amiga 1200.  Tell people that I do everything on an Amiga 1200.

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