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BryanHello there!  My name is Bryan.

I write nerdy articles for Network World, Linux.com, Ubuntu User Magazine and the like.  When I’m not doing that I’m usually blathering (endlessly) on the Bad Voltage podcast.

Sometimes I write books and comics.  Usually about Linux.  Or robots.  Also Outer Space.  Some are for kids.  Others are… not at all for kids.

LiB-128 BwR-128 LfH-128
Linux is Badass The Bible.  With Robots. Linux for Hank


Hank01-128 Hank02-128 2299Act1-128
Road-Sign Hank
and The Aliens
Road-Sign Hank
and The Aliens
Act 1


Oh, did I mention that I create video games?


LinuxTycoon Ted128
Linux Tycoon
2299 : Episode 1


If you are looking for my blog, click here.

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