“Linux Sucks 2016”

On January 21st, in Pasadena, CA (at the Southern California Linux Expo), this happened:

It was an absolute blast.  Huge thanks to the organizers of SCaLE for letting me take over your ballroom for the evening and fill it with my ridiculousness and stupidity.  Thanks as well to the friends who came out to help me film the whole thing.  Even more thanks to the amazing people that made cameo appearances.

And, of course, a big thank you to my supporters over on Patreon for helping to fund this sort of insanity.  I’ve got some more fun stuff like this in the works thanks to all of you crazy kids.

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Bryan Lunduke for openSUSE Board

GeekoVoteI, Bryan Lunduke, am officially running for a seat on the openSUSE Board.

Consider this post to be my campaign platform.

The short, short version:

“openSUSE rules.  Not enough people know that.  Let’s change that.”


Leap?  Crazy cool.  Tumbleweed?  Best rolling-release distro available.  And the tools that surround openSUSE are simply amazing.   I think more people should know about — and use — all of it.

Now, let’s be honest.  I have very little to offer the openSUSE community.

  • My organizational “skills” are roughly equivalent to that of a drunk grizzly bear.
  • I’m never on time to anything.  Ever.  I’m pretty sure I have no internal clock.
  • If anyone ever gave me full control over the openSUSE budget… I’m fairly confident I would spend every penny on small, green Chameleon plushies.  Just to see how big a pile of them I could make.
  • My decision making abilities are highly questionable.  I once paid full price for a non-matinee ticket to “Dude, Where’s my car?“.
  • My taste is also questionable.  I saw it twice that week.

But I do have one skill — I know how to make noise about Linux.  A lot of noise.  Here’s a few examples:

  • I recorded a video, about Linux, with a crummy camera and got over a million views.
  • I wrote the lyrics for the SUSE “Uptime Funk” music video.
  • I’ve been a professional tech journalist — writing for Network World, Linux.com and a handful of Linux magazines — for 3 1/2 years.
  • Been the Social Media guy for SUSE for over 2 years (holy cow… it’s been 2 years?).
  • And I can’t seem to go more than 5 minutes without being on a Linux-oriented podcast.
  • I even wrote a kids book about Linux.

Noise.  Noise I can make.  And, on the openSUSE board, I would do exactly that.  (Along with attempting to do all the other things that we’ve already covered I really suck at.)

If you’re an openSUSE Member, you can vote for me (or any of the other candidates) when voting opens later this month.


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Linux Sucks 2014 breaks 1 million views

I’m just going to put this right here.  One million views.  For a single, slightly fuzzy, low-light video with barely passable audio.


If you’re not already planning to attend the Southern California Linux Expo in January of 2016 (just over a month from now)… you better get on that.  The 2016 edition of “Linux Sucks” is going to “kick it up a notch” in every way imaginable.

An room that can hold nearly a thousand people.  High quality audio and video.  And the show… holy cow.  Missing this will make you sad.  Trust me on that.  Just make sure you’re there on the first day — Linux Sucks happens on the evening of Thursday, January 21st.

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Need for Compromise in Free Software – With Richard Stallman

I had the opportunity to host a (virtual) round-table discussion on the need (or lack of need) for compromise in Free Software with an absolutely stellar group of panelists.

Including: Richard Stallman (founder of the GNU Project and President of the Free Software Foundation), Aaron Seigo (of Kolab and KDE fame), Stuart Langridge (co-host of Bad Voltage and LUG Radio) and Swapnil Bhartiya (journalist for ITworld, Linux.com and more).


At the request of Richard, I have not posted this video to YouTube (watch the video for a detailed discussion of why).  I have, however, posted multiple versions (including an Ogg video and an audio-only version) over at this page on Archive.org.  All under the Creative Commons.

The video is over 1 hour long and is jam packed with interesting discussion.  We could have easily gone longer — and we may need to at some point.  Huge thanks to all of the panelists who took part.  All of you are amazing.

You can also get a large (over 1 gig), 1080p, .mp4 version of the video over on my Patreon page.  (The content is exactly the same in all versions… but the 1080p, mp4 version is so big that I put it up for just my Patrons so that my server isn’t murdered.)

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Linux themed Cards Against Humanity expansion is out!

LinuxAgainstHumanityTeaser“Linux Against Humanity”, my Cards Against Humanity expansion pack is now available on my Patreon page!

It’s been released, DRM-free, under the Creative Commons license (the same license as Cards Against Humanity itself).

I’m also providing it in three different formats (small square, large rectangle and rounded rectangle) so that you can match it to your own card decks.

Want it?  You’ll need to be one of my patrons over at Patreon to download it directly from me.  Of course… it’s Creative Commons.  So there’s nothing stopping someone from posting it all over the Internet.  Which… is totally, 100% fine with me.  The cool people will still become my Patrons (even for a small amount) to support future goodies like this.

Oh, and this may go without saying, but you’ll need the main Cards Against Humanity deck.  You could play with *just* the Linux Against Humanity expansion set.  But it wouldn’t be nearly as fun… it’s really meant to add awesome Linux-y stuff to the main game.

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