Tell the world how much you think Linux sucks.

This coming Saturday, April 26th, I will be presenting the 2014 edition of my annual “Linux Sucks” (and “Linux Does Not Suck”)… thing that I do.

As part of the event, I have asked some of my friends to record short video clips declaring “Linux Sucks” — which I could then edit all together as a sort of “Everyone thinks Linux sucks” (tongue in cheek) montage.  Don’t we all want to see leaders of some of our favorite distro’s declaring how much Linux blows?  Of course we do.

But, wouldn’t it be even more fun to open it up to everyone (not just Linux “big wigs”)?  Agreed.  Much more fun.

So, if you’d like to get in on the action, here’s the details:

Record two short (just a few seconds long) video clips (using your webcam or phone is fine):

One clip where you declare that “Linux Sucks”.  (You can say any other disparaging things about Linux that you like — “I am so mad at Linus Tovalds right now”, “Linux… is just terrible”, etc. — so long as you start by saying “Linux Sucks” in whatever tone feels right for you.)

Then a second (optional) clip where you declare your love for Linux.  You can say something simple like “Linux doesn’t suck”.  Or you can say whatever else feels right for you.

Then send those video clips to by the afternoon of this Thursday (April 24th).  Download link or as an email attachment is fine.

That’s it.  Takes like 7 seconds and ensures your Linux-based immortality.  Also it’ll be awesome.

Let’s see… what else makes sense to tell you…

- By sending me the video clip you agree to let me do whatever I want with it.  I’m just going to edit them together (and probably trim them up a bit)… but I feel like I should say that to cover my butt.

- Seriously.  Thursday afternoon.  That’s the deadline.  If you send it to me after that you’ll be plum out of luck.  I am going to be editing this together Thursday night.  So no dilly dallying.

- These videos are, for the first time, being recorded properly.  Tripod.  Lapel mic.  Like a big boy.

- The youtube versions tend to get viewed a few hundred thousand times… Looks like the 2012 version is just shy of half a million views.  This 2014 one I expect to break that line.  With gusto.

- Oh, if you work on any specific Open Source or Linux project, be sure to say what your title is in the email you send me.  I’m going to label folks with little subtitles.

That’s about it.  Now go.  Right now.  Record those two quick video clips and send them my way.

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Linux Fest NW Approacheth!

totemLinuxFest Northwest kicks off in less than 2 weeks (April 26th).  And I am uber stoked.

I’ll be presenting two sessions this year:

Linux Sucks vs Linux Does Not Suck

A one-hour, no-hold-barred battle.  In the first half I will prove to you, without a doubt, that Linux sucks more than anything has ever sucked before.  In the second half I will make your heads explode by showing you why that is utter nonsense — and that Linux is, in fact, the most amazing thing to happen to mankind since the invention of the Pop Tart.

[This years "Linux Sucks" presentation is going to be insane.  Absolutely insane.]

10 things you would love about SUSE if you only knew…

Join SUSE Studio Engineer James Mason and SUSE Marketing Dude Bryan Lunduke on a magical journey through some of the coolest things about SUSE.  Guaranteed to turn anyone into a green chameleon loving fanboy.

When I’m not standing in front of the room, blathering endlessly, I’ll be hanging out in the SUSE booth.

Or trying to monkey around with the Tesla Coil at the Saturday night after party.  Which is going to be epic.  Anyone who attends the fest but misses the Saturday night party is a crazy person.

And, yes.  This years sessions will be recorded.  Properly.  :)

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Stupid commenting system

Comments keep getting disabled by my stupid blog.  They’ll work for like a day on any given post… then automatically disable.  And refuse to be re-enabled.  Freaking weird.

Let’s see how long it takes for this post to get comments auto-magically disabled.

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Just a bunch of articles by me.

In case you aren’t following me anywhere else, here are some of the articles I’ve had published over the last few weeks.

If you follow me on any of the social networks (links up top) then you probably have seen at least some of these.

Q&A for Ubuntu User magazine

I did this with my Bad Voltage co-host, Stuart Langridge.  (Just don’t tell anyone at Ubuntu User that I’m a SUSE guy… that’ll be our little secret.)

Why Arguing That Windows is Better Than Linux Makes You Look Silly

An article I wrote for  Best described by one of the comments: “This is the best Linux-Is-Better-Than-Windows-Argument-Disguised-As-A-Windows-Is-Better-Than-Linux-Arguments-Make-You-Look-Silly-Article article ever.”

The rest of these articles are all for the Open Source section of NetworkWorld:

Linux is like a cheese quesadilla

This article is about Linux.  Also cheese quesadillas.  I think.

Examining the ridiculous names of open source projects

Some Open Source projects have some awesomely ridiculous names.  These are my current favorites.

Is Microsoft becoming an open source advocate?


Calligra 2.8: The Office Suite I am stupid for not using

Seriously.  Calligra 2.8 is amazing.  This deserves a follow-up article.  I love this suite.

GoG is bringing 100 games to Linux

This makes me smile.  So much.  I love GoG.  And I love Linux.  Almost as much as I love cheese quesadillas.

Ubuntu phone isn’t important enough to demand an open source baseband

My response to the hubbub about Ubuntu Phones not being completely Open Source.

Canonical flip-flops on Ubuntu’s controversial Amazon feature

This article is best summed up with one word: *facepalm*

Boycotting Mozilla isn’t the best approach

This last week was a little rough for Mozilla.  Here’s my first article on all of it.

Mozilla’s Eich steps down as CEO: A sad but necessary move

And then the second article… after Eich officially resigned.

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Trade Wars 2002 tournament?

TW 2002Anyone interested in a Trade Wars 2002 tournament?

I haven’t done one of those in a long time and it sounds like a blast.

If you’re interested, leave a comment on this post (or drop me a line on the BBS or one of the social networks).  If enough people are up for it, I’ll set it up.

I was thinking of keeping it pretty low-key (some tournaments can get rather intense):

- Daily turn limit (to keep the time requirement low).

- Tournament lasts for 1 calendar month.

- Winner gets bragging rights.  Maybe called out on the login page of the BBS or something.

What say ye?

I’m typing this while laying in bed, sick with the flu.  So the idea could be truly terrible.  Might be the delirium talking.

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